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Hangar exhibits and activities are open 10:00am to 4:00pm

There will be lots to see and do at Girls Take Flight. Plan on attending for a few hours.

Some exhibitors bring interesting activites:

Virtual Reality

Photo of Virtual Reality

The Ontario Aerospace Council has developed a 10 minute virtual reality experience as part of their COAST Training program that allows participants to experience flight, using the Canada Arm on the International Space Station, seeing inside a jet wing and watching landing gear operation.

A participant waiver is required, which may be digitally signed at the event. For participants under 18 years, a parent or legal guardian must sign.

Talk Like A Pilot

Photo of Talk Like A Pilot

At the NAV Canada exhibit, you can learn to talk like a pilot. Learn the phonetic alphabet and use it to spell your name and other words.

Build your Own Aircraft Wing Rib

Photo of Build your Own Aircraft Wing Rib

Did you know that people build their own airplanes? While many are now built from aluminium, building an airplane out of wood was very popular. Some classic designs are still built out of wood today. The Cornell outside in the display area has wings built from wood.

At the Recreational Aircraft Association (RAA) table, you can build a wing rib yourself and take it home with you. It is fun and surprisingly easy.

This activity will take about 20-30 minutes.

F-18 Cockpit Simulator

Photo of F-18 Cockpit Simulator

Would you like to know what it is like to fly a military jet? The RCAF is bringing a Super Hornet Cockpit Simulator that you can sit in.

They also have a very informative kiosk with multiple video displays.

Pop A Rivet

Photo of Pop A Rivet

Learn what it's like to be an Aircraft Structures Technician in the RCAF! Come learn how to install a rivet on an aircraft panel, pick up a few souvenirs, and have a chat with our technicians and maintenance officers about life in the RCAF as an aircraft maintainer!

Infinite Flight Simulator

Photo of Infinite Flight Simulator

Try out a sophisticated flight simulator that runs on a tablet computer. It includes satelite imagery, accurate topography, navigation data with approaches and 3D airports with precise runway and taxiway layouts. Advanced users can interact with live air traffic control. Check it out at the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) booth.

Learn more about Infinite Flight.

PC Flight Simulator

Missing Photo

Try out a desktop flight simulator used by the Air Cadets.

Sit In The Cockpit

Photo of Sit In The Cockpit

See what it is like to sit in the cockpit of Porter's De Havilland DHC-8 Q400 airliner.

You can also get up close and personal with a number of other aircraft on static display.

Fly A Helicopter On A Stick

Photo of Fly A Helicopter On A Stick

The Women In Aviation booth has an activity that will appeal to kids of all ages. Originally a Bamboo Helicopter or Bamboo Dragonfly, this toy is now commonly made as a wooden stick with a plastic helicopter rotor. Spin it with your hands and try to fly it through the hoop!

Meet My Airport

Missing Photo

At the City of Oshawa booth, you can learn about the Oshawa Executive Airport. Learn the "circuit" that aircraft fly to take off and land. Learn how runways and taxiways are named.

Scavenger Hunt

Photo of Scavenger Hunt

With some many things to look at, this is a great place for a Scavenger Hunt. Pick up your scavenger list at the Information Booth.

When you have completed your hunt, take your form to the Canadian Owners And Pilots Association (COPA) booth to collect a prize.

Landing Gear

Photo of Landing Gear

See how aircraft landing gear operate. Watch the wheels retract and extend at the Centennial College booth.

Take Your Photo With An Airline Captain

Photo of Take Your Photo With An Airline Captain

Pose for a photo with an airline captain. You can take your photo at the Porter or Air Canada booth.

In fact, there will be many, many pilots at the event. Ask any one of them to pose with you.

Free Flight Lesson

The First Canadian Chapter of the Ninety-Nines and the Durham Flight Training Centre are offering a chance to win a Free First Flight Lesson for Girls and Women who want to learn to fly. The flight will be conducted by the Durham Flight Training Centre at the Oshawa Executive Airport.

Photo of Free Flight Lesson


  • Women and girls who attended Girls Take Flight event on Saturday April 29
  • Submitted their application at the event
  • 14 years of age and older
  • Not currently enrolled in a flight training program

To enter, please fill in a Free Lesson Application form, available at:

  • Durham Flight Centre booth
  • Information booth

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